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Jerez Landscape and Design LLC provides landscaping services to residential and commercial. We complete all site services and our landscapers and designers are skilled in preparing the areas and installing all products for each project. 

Visual Designs


By providing the option of a visual design, our customers have the opportunity to see their dream landscape brought to life with our custom renderings. If you are interested in a design we provide those services after a full evaluation of the property is taken during our estimate/consultation. You can schedule an estimate with us          , or if you are ready to purchase your design package click          .

Landscaping Remodels


We cover all your landscape installation needs. We install plants, trees, rocks, mulch, landscape fabric, low voltage landscape lighting, sod, pavers, irrigation adjustments and installs, ponds, pondless waterfalls, border/edging such as paver stone edging or metal aluminum. We know this process includes the removal of existing landscaping, we take care of that too. Out with the old in with the new!

Aluminum Metal Edging or Paver Stones Edging


Aluminum metal edging is a high quality product that we recommend using for a seamless flowing design. This edging is extremely low maintenance while protecting your flowerbeds from invasion of grass. Aluminum edging doesn't rust and comes in different color options. 

Paver stone edging is another great option, and depending on the design and style you are looking to get this could be the right choice for you. Paver edging is installed and set with a leveled out sand base to ensure a locked in edging that will last for years to come. 



We install custom designs for paver patios, pads, driveway extensions, walkways etc. 

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

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Want to add ambience to your properties landscape? Our low voltage landscape lighting is a high preforming bass waterproof set that creates a chic outdoor vibe. Choose the style of your choice! Each lighting kit is installed with a transformer box for easy access to timer. 

Drainage Solutions


We resolve drainage solutions through a property evaluation during our estimate/consultation. We can determine what drainage installation will work best for each specific area of concern. 

Irrigation Repairs and Installations

Efficient water supply is extremely important for your plants and sod. We specialize in creating the proper water supply for each plant, tree and/or areas of your lawn. With the proper material we create an easy flow to specific areas needed. We also know how important it is to keep water off of unwanted areas. With our individual bubbler system we distribute water only to the areas of your flowerbeds that really need it such as trees and plants. We do install timer boxes, and additional solenoids to existing box if needed.

Artificial Synthetic Turf 

Looking for a low maintenance outdoor area for you, your children or pets? Artificial turf is the best option. It provides a soft easy access area that has little to no maintenance. It stays green all year round!



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